If you donít yet know me, I am a woman who loves this beautiful planet. I believe we are all connected: humans, trees, animals, wind, sun, moon, oceans and rivers, the Earth herself, our ancestors, our dreams, thoughts, visions, and actions. We are all intricately linked. We have deluded ourselves into thinking we are separate beings, animate and inanimate, living and dead, but the truth is we all touch one another in a great web of Life.

When I am in the flow, the work that I do is about connection. Whether it be my art, my writing, workshops, sacred ritual, or my massage and healing work, it is about remembering that we are spirit incarnate. We are not just these physical bodies with a linear, logical mind; we are ever so very much more. What I yearn to do is help people remember their hearts and their spirits, their yearnings and their dreams, their love for one another and their purpose for being on this planet at this time.

I have never been one who is content with one project or job, nor with one label. Instead I have several ideas percolating in various stages of gestation or manifestation at any given time, and I make a living by pursuing all of the following passions. Perhaps you will resonate with one of them.