Dreaming A Better World


Cynthia Greb: Dreaming a Better World

What brings you joy?

Colorado March '13 387What is most important?
• What brings me joy?
• Am I happy?
• What can I be grateful for in this moment?
• Am I making a difference?
• How can I make the world a better place?
• Am I dreaming big dreams for myself and the planet?
• Am I using my talents and abilities?
• What is my purpose?
• Am I connecting with Source?
• How can I have deeper communion with Spirit?

Dream Your Life

These are the kinds of questions which drive my life. Before I take a job or move to a new location or make any big decisions, I have to ask myself questions such as these. What else is important? Joyfully appreciating all the beauty which surrounds me? Absolutely! Spending time with the people I love? Oh yes! Allowing more flow, grace, and magic in my life? Most definitely! Listening to that still quiet voice? Oh yes. Following my dreams? As Meg Ryan so famously modeled in that scene from When Harry Met Sally, yes, yes, YES!

I believe the whole reason we’ve been given a body is so that we can propel our soul to greater evolution.

How do we do that? By loving profoundly, by learning our life’s lessons, and by living our joy.

We are here to make manifest the dreams of our soul. The dreaming happens on the spiritual plane, but the manifestation happens on the physical plane. We need both our spiritual and our physical selves in order to fully live our purpose. When we each learn to honor the voice of our soul, when we fully commit to our soul’s path, the whole world becomes a bit brighter and we all move a bit closer to fulfilling our potential – both as individuals and as a species. So let’s claim our dreams and then bring them into manifestation! It’s really not so hard once you learn to 1) pay attention to that still small voice, 2) let go of the doubts and fears, and 3) believe!

I came into this world with a diverse set of gifts. We all did. My task is to offer my gifts (writing, dreaming, teaching, creating…) for the betterment of the world and the evolution of my soul. Fortunately, the evolution of my soul is always part of the betterment of the world! Healing and growth at the microcosmic level always positively affect the macrocosm. Isn’t that great? When we grow and change and heal, we help the world. It’s just the way things work.

One of the ways I am currently stepping into my purpose is by offering the workshop below. And how else may I serve? May I support you in the manifestation of your heart’s desires? Lead a grief support group? May I give a talk about what to do when you receive a cancer diagnosis? Teach a vegan cooking class in your home? Speak at your church or synagogue or mosque? Help your nursing home staff learn to be more sensitive to the needs of elders in their care? Teach hospice volunteers and caregivers about end-of-life issues and how to prevent burnout? May I inspire you with my writing? Bring joy with my photographs? Officiate at a memorial service or help to create a ceremony for a special rite of passage? It would be my joy to be of service.

My goal is always to help make the world a better place. In whatever way I joyfully can. I want to dream strong, to live with purpose, to be creative, and to love deeply and passionately.

Meanwhile, I wish you a life filled with an abundance of love, joy, and peace!

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