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Pouring Our Prayers upon the Earth

Kathryn's heart

I had the most delightful experience the other day.
I awoke that morning feeling a strong urge to go to a large local hill–kind of a small mountain–which seems to hold sacred energy. At the summit, one can see for miles and miles and miles in all directions. I like to climb to the top to sing and send my prayers out to all of creation.

On that particular morning, as I neared the top I began to hear beautiful singing—reverent, harmonious singing. As I rounded the final curve of the long serpentine path, I discovered the source of the song—four lovely nuns in long white robes.

As it turns out, they are from Brazil. They will be here in the Mt. Shasta area for about six months. They were guided and directed to come here. While here, they are immersing the area with their prayers and their songs.

I have a friend who also does this. Since she was a young girl, she has been particularly attuned to divine guidance. This gift is stronger than ever now that she is a woman of perhaps sixty years of age. She listens each day to where she needs to be and then she goes as she is directed. She travels from place to place and, once there, offers her prayers and considerable healing energies. I imagine the Earth is happy to have her upon it and each place is blessed when she visits.

Peace Pilgrim was an older woman who, after a spiritual awakening, felt guided to give up all her material possessions and walk across the country teaching the message of peace. She vowed to “remain a wanderer until mankind has learned the way of peace, walking until given shelter and fasting until given food.” And this she did as she traversed the continent back and forth, back and forth, for 28 years. Can you imagine all the prayers that flew from her heart each step of the way?

Peace Pilgrim

Pilgrims around the world travel to places rife with sacred energy. There they pour out their heartfelt prayers, and thus the energy that was already in place builds and builds, radiating out to the rest of the planet. Celeste, on the other hand, goes to places where the energy is depleted. She arrives and then she blesses the land with her love and prayers.

It is important to go to both sacred and depleted places.

Anna Halprin is a pioneer who uses sacred dance as a way to bless and heal the land. About twenty years ago, a series of murders took place on Mt. Tamalpais, a sacred mountain located north of San Francisco. The local community felt a powerful need to heal from the grief and fear, as well as to reclaim the mountain, for it was a very special place. And so, Anna stepped forward to create a series of community dance rituals which shifted the energy and brought healing to the land and the people.

Circle Dance

A new friend, Kathryn, often creates a symbol of healing upon the Earth wherever she happens to land, like the heart made with stones in the photo at the beginning of this post. Others may plant crystals or make offerings of some kind. At the summit of the sacred hill, some unknown people had created a small spiral labyrinth with rocks laid one after another. In Africa and elsewhere, indigenous people bless the land by pouring libations upon her.

All these ways of blessing the land are good. The important thing is to recognize that the Earth needs our prayers. We human beings have defiled and disrespected her for so long. In addition, many of us nurture within ourselves much anger, fear, and hatred. These feelings are also heaped upon her, however unintentionally. All of this takes an energetic toll, even on so great and loving a Being as our Earth. She needs our prayers. She needs our prayers.

Whenever possible, walk upon the Earth with prayerful feet. Whenever possible, sing songs of gratitude for all that she so generously gives to us all.
Whenever possible, let love radiate from your heart.
In these ways, we bless our beautiful Mother.


Healing The Mountain