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Prayer & Free Will


After a lot of reading this week, I had a very important insight.  I finally realized why it is so important that we pray.

The Holy One sees all the many, many things that are “wrong” in this world.  Quite a few of you, no doubt, wonder why it is that Divinity allows so many evil things to happen.  The answer comes in two short words: free will.  God is not permitted to intercede because we’ve been given the gift of free will.

Although it may seem as though things are beyond our control, the fact is, many of us have stopped trying because we feel so overwhelmed.  It’s like, if we can’t change everything, then maybe we don’t do anything. It’s an understandable reaction to humanity’s predicament.  Evil has really taken a hold on this particular planet.  Fortunately, there is still a LOT more love.  But sometimes that part of us which is good and loving feels overwhelmed in the face of all the strife that is going on.

The reality, though, is this: there are many, many small ways each of us can make a difference.  We may not all be Mother Teresas or Gandhis or Harriet Tubmans or Martin Luther Kings, but surely we can each do something.  And then, when things feel too big and too out of control, we can pray for God to intercedeThen He can help.  If He or Mother Mary or the angels or saints helped before we asked, then there wouldn’t be free will.

So why do we have free will?  It is for the same reason that we have evil.  Because without it, we could not grow.  If everything were in perfect order, our soul would not have the opportunity to evolve.  But because we have free will, we can make our own decisions–for good or ill.  We always have opportunities to exercise our freedom and make the right choices.

Mother Mary, in the vast majority of Her apparitions, implores humanity to pray.  Why? Because She no more wants us to suffer than we do.  She is the quintessential Mother of mercy and compassion.  But She cannot intercede without our prayers.  Because of free will.

Mother Mary of the Sea

Are you unhappy that so many are starving?  Then share your money and your food, and pray.  Are you sad about all the war?  Then pray.  Are you afraid about the state of our country?  Then talk to your congresspeople, and vote, and pray.  Are you upset about the treatment of animals?  Then do something!  And also pray.

Heaven needs our help just as we need heaven’s help.  We work together.  We are the hands and feet who operate in the physical world; they have the power to assist in the spiritual world.  As above, so below; as below, so above.  This is an ancient and powerful truth.

Many years ago I was offered a reading by a psychic.  She channeled a lot of wisdom from higher beings. I will never, ever forget it when she told me that they said, “We need you as much as you need us.”  That was a profound turning point for me.  We need them; they need us.

WE ARE IMPORTANT.  Every little thing we do (or do not do) has significance.  It is essential that we realize how much we matter, and that we also call upon the Higher Powers for assistance.  Because we are all in this together.

So be it.

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