Plant kingdom,  The meek shall inherit the Earth,  Thousand years of peace

Plants and Other Gentle Beings

A couple mornings ago a man in a pickup truck, with a trailer behind him and a backhoe upon the trailer, pulled up to the house I’ve been living in for the last two weeks or so. I walked up with a smile and asked, “Are we expecting you?” He said that he’d been hired to create a “fire road” through the manzanitas which surround the house. Well, I was not the owner and no one had told me about this plan and as it was a law to create these kinds of barriers to protect human property from wildfires, I had no choice but to accept his presence and his task. But that didn’t mean I couldn’t do something.

I remember once reading that “everything is alive, aware, and conscious.” I never forgot that; it resonated so strongly with my spirit. But the vast majority of us have been taught since we were very young that human beings are “in charge,” that we “have dominion,” and that we are “more important.” This is not my world view. This is not my belief. I believe we are all inextricably connected and that what happens to the smallest of creatures is felt in the entire web of life.

In my ideal world, instead of ripping up beautiful verdant young trees, we would have certain ceremonies if a fire were raging nearby. We would talk to the spirit of the fire, the spirit of the wind, and the spirits of the rain. And if we didn’t know how to do this, we would call in a shaman—a person that, unfortunately, doesn’t really exist in mainstream America, although we could surely use such a person as we continue to wreak such havoc upon the Earth that feeds and sustains us.
I believe it is possible for all of us, any of us, to learn to speak with the plants, the animals, and the elements. We must simply speak with respect and from the heart. I guarantee they hear.
Do you know how many legends exist telling of an ancient time when human beings and animals were able to communicate with one another? At one time, we were a more pure race and telepathic communication was possible. We hadn’t ruined the bonds of kinship and friendship by such barbaric practices as holding animals captive in cages, experimenting on them in labs, and slaughtering untold millions of them on a daily basis for our overly carnivorous desires.

The same is true of our ability to communicate with the plant kingdom. By now we have all heard of the studies in which house plants respond to the voices of those who care for them; they flourish if they are spoken to with affection and respect. Many of us have also heard of Findhorn, the community in Scotland in which the people there actively work with the devas (overarching angelic-type beings who work with specific species of plants—or animals or waters, etc.) The gardens, in their heyday, grew enormous healthy plants. In America, Perelandra in Virginia is another example of an environment co-created by the cooperation of human beings and the devic kingdom.

For some of you, all of these concepts will, no doubt, seem very strange and you will most likely label me a kook. But others of you will resonate strongly, for this is the way of our future.
Obviously, the old ways of dominion are not working. The Earth is badly polluted, frakking and other poisons are ruining our fresh water supply, the seas are filled with radiation and trash, chemtrails mar our beautiful skies, the ozone layer is disappearing, global warming is continuing at a truly alarming rate, and more and more animals are becoming extinct. Our poor planet is so out of balance right now that she is surely preparing to throw us off her like fleas.

Some of us are more sensitive than others. I have a dear friend who will not pick flowers for a bouquet because he can “hear them scream.” I don’t have that level of sensitivity, but I do strongly believe that everything is alive, aware, and responsive, and also that everything natural has a purpose and absolutely deserves respect.

So what did I do in the face of the imminent violent uprooting of many plants which have done nothing but create a sea of verdant beauty, give off fresh oxygen every day of their lives, and offer their branches and shade as home to countless animals? I walked up a path, out into the midst of them (but not where he was about to begin his work—I knew they were all connected and they would hear me even though I was hundreds of yards away), and I began to speak from the heart. I said I was so sorry, I said that I respected them and loved them and was grateful for them. As I was walking and I imagined the destruction that was about to commence, tears started to run down my cheeks. I asked that they be spared any pain. I asked that they continue to flourish in the etheric realms.

Before I left the house, I had found on my desk a small heart-shaped crystalline stone. As I walked through the manzanita, I looked for a nook in the branches of one of the larger bushes. Finally I chose a bush and found a spot and lay my offering there. Then I continued to pray. There is a prayer I was taught in recent months. It is a simple one, meant to be prayed to Mother Mary, who cares deeply not only about the human species, but for all of creation on this planet. It goes like this:

Mother of Heaven, Mother Earth, intercede for us and for the kingdoms. Amen.

I prayed it over and over and over again. I believe that Nature can respond to one voice, but it surely doesn’t hurt to call in the support of holy beings.

After a period of time, I felt a modicum of peace. I realized that there is this physical 3-D plane of existence, and there are other more etheric realms. I felt the manzanita was alive and well on those other realms. I felt that they heard me. Things weren’t perfect, but they were better.

Several months ago, when I went to work one morning, I noticed that several very large pine trees had been cut down in a neighbor’s yard. I ached for those beautiful trees. When I saw the man I asked him, “Are you going to cut down more?” He said yes, that he was going to plant a garden there. I said simply, “I love trees.” He said that there are so many. To him, it wasn’t a big deal. I found myself thinking uncharitable thoughts like, ‘I hope the sun blazes in through your windows and makes all of you unbearably hot so that you realize the folly of what you’re doing.’ But then I corrected myself and thought something along the lines of ‘Forgive him. He doesn’t know what he’s doing.’ He was just a man with a wife, a new baby, and two happy dogs who wanted to plant a garden for his family. He wasn’t in any way evil. He simply didn’t understand the value of those benevolent guardian spirits surrounding his house.

How do we begin to teach one another that every living thing is precious? Every animal, every flower, every person, every tree has a place and a purpose in this world.

Many times this past year I have found myself thinking of the scriptural phrase: “The meek shall inherit the Earth.” I absolutely believe the time is coming when the greed-driven, power-hungry forces of this world will fall away. The powerful will topple; evil corporations will collapse. They will no longer have dominion over the Earth. And who will be left? The gentle people. The humble people. The meek will inherit the Earth, because they know how to live upon it harmoniously. And after the dark times are over, the thousand years of peace will reign (as the prophecies have foretold.) And the plants will flourish, and the animals will thrive, and the waters will sparkle, and humankind will finally, finally, finally be kind again.

So be it.