Communing with Nature,  Creatures large and small

Harmony on This Earth

This morning I walked down to the pond which is a five minute walk from my door. When I arrived, as is my custom, I sang some prayers. Then, facing the East, I gave thanks for new directions in my life. Within moments I heard the recognizable snort of a buck hidden down in the trees to my right.

This is a distinctive noise. It’s like a firm, clear, loud exhalation. He does this a few times and I very slowly turn my body toward the direction of the sound. I start to talk to him. I sing to him. I open my heart to him. I greet him and tell him that I know this is his home and I respect that. I tell him that I would like to live here, too, and that I will do it with the utmost respect toward all the animals that make their home here.

During this time, he continues to snort at periodic intervals. I know he hears me. I know he is absolutely aware of my presence. It feels as if he needs to assert himself: ‘This is my territory.’ I, in turn, need to acknowledge and respect that. If I am to live here, I need to live in harmony. And this I promise to do.

After a few minutes of this “conversation” — I talking and singing to him; he snorting at me — he seems satisfied and turns and trots away.

I believe the animals know I am here–not just the horses in the barn, but this buck, the hawks screeing overhead, the lizards who stop to look at me when I stop to look at them, the beautiful dragonfly resting on my door as I slowly open it, and, I am sure, the mountain lion and coyotes as well. I want them to know that I am trustworthy, while simultaneously hoping they remain wary of those who are not. I strongly suspect that most of these creatures know how to determine the difference. Unlike many humans, they haven’t lost the subtle feelings that indicate safety or danger, friend or foe, love or hate.

I feel extremely blessed to live on this large parcel of relatively undisturbed land. May there be harmony between all species, all races, all beings <3