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Unity vs. Polarization

Oriah Mountain Dreamer posted the following on Facebook on the eve of the Not One More march in Washington tomorrow:

“As I head to bed tonight I am thinking of all those who will be at demonstrations across the U.S. tomorrow- and, in particular, the students from Parkland, Florida who have inspired this outcry against gun violence. May their voices be heard. May the gatherings be without violence or injury to anyone. This is part of the process of democracy- the rising up, the calling out, the reaching and struggling for solutions together. It’s messy and loud and chaotic, because life is usually all three. Recently, looking at my FB settings I noticed that somewhere in that maze of info I had articulated both my political and spiritual views as: “We’re all in this together.” It made me smile. I could have (and have at times) said much more, but this statement remains true. There is no “them” and “us” – it’s all us, and we are in this life, this world, this beingness, together.”  (Author’s emphasis above)

This message of “we’re all in this together” very much resonates with me.  And I find it interesting I heard a similar message from another source in another context just a week or so ago.

Among those who are working steadfastly to guard the future of this planet, there is a plea for more unity.  Never have we been so polarized.  Never has duality been so evident.  How can we survive on this planet if we are always metaphorically at one another’s throats?

We seem to always default to a place of blame.  We seem unable to imagine how to create change without one party being at fault while the other party is “right.”  It’s the constant and tiresome “us vs. them” paradigm.  What if we tried something radically different?

The idea I heard in a recent spiritual lecture suggested the following:  When someone or some party makes a mistake, instead of pointing the finger of blame, acknowledge the mistake and then everyone roll up their sleeves to find a solution together.  Get away from the shaming and blaming thing.  It only ever devolves into antagonism and more division and conflict.  Instead recognize that we are all humans on this Earth trying to survive.  Let’s act like a team.  Let’s figure this out without the animosity.  How can we fix things?  Let’s stop labeling people evil or bad or ignorant or whatever.  It is what it is.  Let’s get on with it and solve the problem.

I like that!  How refreshing!  Let’s just get it done.