Hope for a better world

Making a Difference

Have you ever walked into a room that felt chaotic or angry or sad?  How did you respond?  Did you find yourself getting caught up in similar energies?  Have you ever tried to transform the energy of a place, person, or situation?  Have you ever tried to transform yourself???

There are many ways to do this.  Some people have the gift of saying exactly the right words in exactly the right tone of voice.  Others use laughter to transform a situation.  Sometimes singing can bring a spirit of unity.  Sometimes a hug can bring an exquisite feeling of love and acceptance.  Sometimes one or more people can sit in silence and peace will radiate outward.

Do you have a call to help transform the world?

Activists certainly do.  They write letters, make phone calls, organize rallies, or do acts of civil disobedience.

Some journalists have this call.  With their writing they can shine light on certain situations which may need healing.  Or perhaps they can write op-ed pieces.

Those on the spiritual path may also feel the soul’s call to help change the world.  They may meditate, pray, or sing.  Or perhaps they do acts of service.  Perhaps they feel a call to take care of orphans, or help the homeless find shelter and food, or help addicts find support.  Maybe they help rescue abused animals or work to help save our natural environment.

Do you know that you can make a difference in even small ways?

How can you bring a spirit of peace to an angry group of people?  How can you give love and comfort to a lost and lonely child?  How can you be attentive and compassionate to a soul crying out for help?

The answers may look different for each of us.  The point is to try.  And to not disparage those who may do things a little differently.