Emotions affect matter,  Turn up the Love

How Our Emotions Affect the Earth

The Earth is suffering right now.  Not like in the past.  Much more so.  She and all the kingdoms of nature are suffering terribly.  The state that we are in right now is getting to be too much, not just for us, but for maybe even for Her, too.

We all know about some of the things we are doing individually and collectively to contribute to the horrors that are rampant on the planet right now.  We are driving too many vehicles too often, flying too many planes, spewing too many toxins into the air, dumping too much trash in our oceans, continuing to use nuclear power, poisoning our crops and our lawns, our bees and our earth with herbicides and pesticides, etc.  We all know this.  There are many small changes we can make as individuals and many big changes we can make as a culture.  But there is something else we can do.

I was told yesterday (by a friend who knows how to receive messages from higher beings) that it is not the Earth who is causing these fires and floods, etc.  The Earth is not doing any of this as a way of trying to come back into balance.  Nor are these things necessarily being perpetrated by great forces of evil.  Believe it or not, we are causing these catastrophes.  We are doing it.

When I heard the words from my friend about how we are causing the fires, I knew instantly what she meant.  Our anger is causing the fires.  (Or at the very least, anger is a major contributing factor.)

This may be very hard to grasp.  But think of it this way.  Anger is energy.  And it stirs things up.  Sometimes the energy of anger gets so big, it needs to move something, explode something, combust something.  And if our collective rage is huge, those fires may be uncontainable, just like our rage.

Our country is so polarized right now.  Very few people can talk about politics without getting angry right now.  Anger is rampant.  It’s on the talk shows, on Facebook, and in our homes.  I have been told that the aura around the Earth is gray right now.  This is not from physical pollution; it is from the pollution of our collective thoughts and emotions.

Just remember, energy affects matter.

I remember one time about twelve years ago, I was driving my car down a highway and stewing about something. A co-worker had been treating me poorly and I was feeling pissed.  Do you know how we get in these mental loops sometimes?  I was just obsessing about her and feeling all this self-righteous anger.  I was really getting so riled up.  And as I was driving thinking these angry thoughts, a stone came up out of nowhere and cracked my windshield.  (At least I assume it was a stone.  Maybe there wasn’t even a stone involved!)  I was stunned, because it was suddenly crystal clear to me that my anger had actually triggered this event.  The cause and effect phenomenon was palpable.

This is why when I was furious with my then-boyfriend last winter, I knew I had to work with my anger and transmute it.  I didn’t want that energy out in the world causing chaos.  It’s also why, even though I very strongly disagree with pretty much everything single thing our current president is doing, I refuse to call him names and I try not to perpetuate the hate and anger that is already so rampant in our country and on Facebook.  It’s difficult; I don’t always succeed.  But I know how dangerous hate and anger can be.  There is too much in our world and I don’t want to be a part of it.

Fortunately,  there are peaceful and soothing energies in our world as well.  There are joyful energies.  There are grateful energies.

You may be thinking, ‘I can’t possibly be peaceful with all these fires raging!  And joyful?  And thankful?  Are you crazy!?’

Well, if you can’t quite muster the energy for peace or gratitude, then try at least to practice “First do no harm.” If you can’t love, if you can’t be happy, if you can’t be peaceful, then at least stop feeding your rage.  Feeding your rage is like adding fuel to these wildfires.  Whatever you can do to bring a sense of calmness into your being, please do it.

For inspiration, look at these slides of water molecules by Dr. Masuro Emoto.


The first is a slide of a drop of water exposed to the words, “You disgust me.”  The second crystal was shown the words, “Love and Gratitude.”  http://www.masaru-emoto.net/english/water-crystal.html

That’s pretty powerful evidence that matter does indeed react to emotions.

Everyone by now has probably heard about how house plants can become healthier and more vibrant when a person speaks kind, encouraging words to them.   I personally have had experience many, many times with trees and flowers reacting to my love, appreciation, and gratitude.  Still not convinced?  Here is a fascinating article showing that plants not only react, but they can actually learn!  https://www.pri.org/stories/2014-01-09/new-research-plant-intelligence-may-forever-change-how-you-think-about-plants

Fire is no different.  A fire chief in the town in Colorado where I used to live trained his firefighters by asking them to react to one fire (set intentionally for training purposes) with anger and another with respect.  The difference between the two fires was dramatic.  The fire exposed to their anger raged almost to the point of being uncontrollable.   The fire treated with respect was remarkably gentle.

We are so schooled in this society to think only in rational, linear terms that many of us have become unwilling to even entertain the idea that anything which is not human or animal can feel or sense.  But there are many people who have learned that everything is, as author Serge Kahili King says, “alive, aware, and responsive.”   https://www.huna.org/html/worldthink.html

Maybe the best way to stop being angry is to find ways to love.  Maybe when love, service, and gratitude occupy the majority of our time, there will be little room left for anger and hate.  Let’s let kindness and beauty fill our hearts.  Do you think this is a cop-out?  No, it’s a life-saver!

The Earth needs our love.  In whatever form we can give it.

Let’s turn up the love.



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