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Our Human Self vs. Our Spirit Self

There are two sides of us.  One side is human.  It is bound to this earth both by gravity and necessity.  The other self is our spirit self, our soul, our consciousness.  This self is boundless; it is eternal; it is inextricably linked to Spirit with a capital S.

Our human self needs food and water to survive.  It has physical needs.  Our spirit self needs things which elevate our vibration and consciousness.  This will vary from person to person, but it could include things like spiritual community, sunlight, water, music, dance, etc.  The spirit self will also thrive on pursuing its passions and dreams because these are often linked to our soul purpose.

About two weeks ago, I landed in Santa Fe and began to realize I needed to stay.  The reasons were not yet completely clear, but the message was.  And so I began to look for work and a place to live while simultaneously working on completing my book.  I had immersed myself in the details of my life because I felt compelled to get my physical needs taken care of, but the problem was, I had neglected the needs of my spirit self.

I hate it when I do that.

I asked my friend today, “Why do I do this?  Why do I ‘forget’ to do what I know is good for me?”  She answered matter-of-factly, “Because you’re human.”  The problem is, our human self and our spirit self need to work together.  If we don’t take care of our spiritual needs, our physical self will begin to suffer.  If we don’t take care of our physical needs, we will be floating around, un-grounded and unable to thrive on the physical plane.

Today I finally went on a winding walk through the juniper and pinyon trees of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.  Moments into my walk I heard myself sigh.  My spirit was so, so happy.  It had been waiting for this immersion in nature for weeks.  Nature is nourishment to my spirit as food is to my body.  If I stay too long indoors or online without feeding my spirit big heaping servings of trees, fresh air, and earth, I start to get stressed.  It’s embarrassing how long it takes me to realize that I need to get away from humanity and into the natural world.

What does your spirit need?  Are you paying attention?

I hope so, because right now we need a balanced world more than ever.  And when human beings start to nurture their spiritual side as much as their physical side, the Earth will breathe a big sigh of relief.


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