Hope for a better world

Clearing Ourselves when the Skies become too Cloudy

Are you sensitive? Does the state of this world weigh you down sometimes? Are there days when you just can’t shake the sadness and despair?

That happened to me this morning. I was worried about a dog I know who was not living in a good situation. This big beautiful sweet German shepherd each night was being forced to sleep in a cage that was too small. My thoughts then, of course, flew to all the children and teenagers and others who are also being forced to live in cages where they don’t have enough room to lie down. In addition, these refugees don’t have mattresses or blankets or sufficient food or water. The truth was, as worried as I was about the dog, these people have it even worse.

I felt sorrow well up in me. But being a “good American,” I tried to soldier on and be productive even in the face of all that is so very, very wrong on our planet. But I couldn’t shake the melancholy.

I caught a glimpse of some messages from my brother-in-law. He was a dear man and we hadn’t spoken to one another for many months. We decided to shift from messages to an actual phone call. We had a great conversation and it elevated my mood tremendously. There is magic in taking the time to have some real connections with people we love.

But an hour or so afterwards, I was chagrined to find my energy slipping again.

After trying to write, after taking a shower, after even resorting to some cleaning, I had to face the fact that I was in a serious funk. I finally confessed this to my friend whom I was staying with. He wisely responded, “Well then you just have to be with it. Be with the feelings.”

Silly me. I keep forgetting.

I knew instantly that it was the perfect advice. The last time I was in a funk like this was four months ago, and once I went outside and sat still for a while, I broke down into great sobs, the biggest cry I’d had in quite a while.

This time I crawled into bed. And then I had a thought. It was something a healer friend of mine once suggested I ask myself: Was this mine?

What she meant was, “Are these emotions mine or am I picking them up from somewhere else?” Was I feeling my brother-in-law’s feelings? The dog’s? The migrants’? Was I feeling the woe of the world? (The same is true if we are feeling judgments. Are these mine? My parents’? Society’s?)

I used a spiritual tool that some of you may know about and some of you may not. I silently asked Archangel Michael to cut the cords of any unhealthy attachments. (You will notice that images of Archangel Michael often depict him with a sword.) We all have etheric energy cords which connect us to certain people and even places. Some are healthy and some are draining. By energetically cutting the unhealthy cords, we regain energy and vitality.

After I did this I had another idea pop into my consciousness. A friend had asked me that morning about muscle testing and I had gone to the internet to see if I could find a video which would demonstrate the technique. The first one I looked at was good, and what was particularly interesting was that the woman said each morning, upon awakening, she would ask herself if she was (her name.) Sometimes she would get a “no” answer! She explained that this could mean that perhaps she wasn’t fully grounded in her body. (Maybe she was still somewhere in the dream world.) She also said it could mean her chakras were blocked or that there was some kind of “spiritual parasite” present.

Curious, I muscle-tested and asked if I was Cindy. I got a “no.” Then I asked if I was Cynthia. Surprisingly, I got another “no.” This led me to believe that some other people or spirits were in my energy field. And so I asked the angels for help in clearing my body and my auric field. I made it very clear that I wanted to only be me. No one and nothing else was permitted. I repeated my request several times.

I was absolutely delighted to discover that in a matter of less than ten minutes I felt infinitely better. I noticed I was lying in bed smiling. I felt lighter. I felt happy. I felt like me!

Afterwards I allowed myself to drift into a delicious nap.

I’m sharing this with you because it works! It worked well and it worked fast! If we are to be our most powerful and capable selves; if we are to serve this world, then it is clear we must be ourselves, with no unhealthy burdens or attachments, nobody sucking our energy. We must be free and sovereign in order to function in a healthy way.

I hasten to add that this doesn’t mean that feelings of sadness are never appropriate. To be healthy human beings, we absolutely must be aware of our emotions. However, if we are so mired in the despair that we can’t function or come up for air, then it’s possible there are some unhealthy attachments or “clingers” present.

So, friends, I wish you well. May we be our most vibrant selves as we move forward in making the changes that are needed in this world.

Blessings to you all. And peace.