Hope for a better world

Keeping the World in Balance through Acts of Kindness

This morning I sent an email to a friend thanking him for his kindness. He replied, “We soar in our hearts when we can share small kindness with people in our lives.” (Thank you, Tim Bergere!)

I absolutely LOVE that! Not only does the recipient of our kindness benefit, but we do ourselves. It reminds me of that movie, Little Big Man, in which Chief Dan George is fond of saying, “My heart soars like an eagle.”

Last week I messaged another friend who had spontaneously and generously offered me a monetary gift so that I could buy a better vehicle after my car had been totaled in a rear-end accident. (Because my car was so old, even totaled I would get no more than $1440 for it from the insurance agency. It’s very difficult to find a good replacement car for just $1440!) When I thanked her for her extraordinary kindness she replied, “I think of myself as UPS or FedEx, just delivering what God ordered.”

Isn’t that wonderful? If we walk in alignment with God, we can simply be the conduit through which His wishes are granted.

I suspect there is something akin to a great cosmic scale. On the one side we have all the many acts of evil, injustice, hatred, and cruelty. On the other side, we have every single act of love, kindness, beauty, and compassion.

The media is really good at bombarding us with all the hateful actions. And many of us, in a sincere effort to educate people, perpetuate the spread of “bad news” on social media, and often, even in everyday conversation. This phenomenon may make it seem like “bad news” is the only news. But I firmly believe there are countless small and large acts of love and kindness enacted every single day by millions and billions of ordinary people. And because these acts of love are so commonplace, they don’t receive the same kind of notoriety that unjust and unkind acts do.

I truly believe that as long as there are more acts of goodness in our world, our world will survive. All the hosts of heaven will back us up. But we can’t give up. We have to keep on loving, keep on giving, keep on finding ways to be kind. What if one small action helped tip the scales toward the Good?

There are so many simple things we can do which can make such a beautiful difference. Some ideas include:

  • adopting a pet from a shelter
  • telling our children and our spouses that we love them
  • making phone calls to our elders–especially those who live alone or who live in nursing homes
  • giving sincere thanks for our food and our water (because everything wants to be appreciated!)
  • planting a garden and sharing the food and the flowers with others
  • making extra food and taking it to the home of a single mother (because single parents get so exhausted)
  • playing with a child (because all children yearn for love and attention)
  • cutting the grass or shoveling the snow at an elder’s home
  • offering our services at reduced fees for those who are struggling financially
  • simply saying something nice to or about someone

Here is an especially heartwarming Thai commercial about what happens as a result of simple daily acts of kindness:

Let’s be kind. It’s truly what makes life worth living.


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