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About Cynthia

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I’m a nature lover.  Can you tell?  When I am immersed in nature, in beauty, in the created Universe, I feel a deep connection with Source, with God Energy.  I am filled with joy and gratitude for this beautiful planet that we are blessed to live upon.  And from this place of joy and gratitude, anything feels possible.  And indeed, it is!  We are held back only by our thoughts of limitation.

When I am not in the midst of nature, I am often involved in one of the following activities: writing, reading, cooking, singing, hanging out with animals or human friends (and we, also, are nature!), creating art, taking photographs, meditating, or doing dreamwork. These are things that fill my spirit. When I am living my purpose, I am also teaching, speaking, caring for others, doing healing work, and participating in ceremony.  All of these things bring me joy.

Do you need to know credentials?  I have a BA in Sociology, a MLA in Creation Spirituality and I am an ordained interfaith clergyperson.   I have worked within the field of health and healing for more than 25 years–as a massage therapist, in the patient safety department of a large urban hospital, with two different hospices, with oodles of private clients, with my own parents, and working to heal myself from breast cancer.

I am on a perpetual path of spiritual learning.  I’ve studied many of the world’s faith traditions–through a ministry school, in grad school, with teachers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, California, Hawaii, and Colorado, and via lots of ceremony, singing, praying and meditation.  Recently I’ve also connected with four radiant South American nuns who follow a Christic and Marian path.  All of this work deeply feeds my soul.

I also enjoy helping to create and officiating at services and celebrations,  speaking at churches and elsewhere, and leading retreats and women’s groups.  It is a great blessing to be immersed with others in sacred space.

I draw from many spiritual traditions and I believe they all lead to one path.  I like the phrase theologian Matthew Fox uses in his book by the same name, One River, Many Wells.  I believe God is not nearly as persnickety about doctrine as we are.  I believe mostly S/He wants us to love one another.  Period.

And I guess I have to say that, ultimately, I believe that’s the only credential that counts.  How well do I love?  If I don’t love, everything else is just clanging bells.  (I Corinthians 13)

I send out blessings to you.  Maybe we can work and play, love and learn together one of these days.

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