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An American Pilgrimage, A Path of Prayer



When you feel a strong intuitive call, do you answer?

A few months ago, over the course of several weeks, I felt this extremely persistent message that I was supposed to be traveling the country.  I knew it wasn’t meant to be a vacation.  I knew it was Spirit calling me and I knew that it had something to do with my soul’s growth and purpose.  In my book, when Spirit calls, the appropriate answer is always yes.  So that’s what I said! And just so I wouldn’t back out, I gave notice to my employers and announced it on Facebook.

What was I supposed to do on this journey?  (I knew it wasn’t a trip; it was a journey.  There is a profound difference.)  I decided I would be communing with nature, visiting sacred sites, offering prayers at “the wounded places,” and writing about the experience.  I would visit friends along the way.  I knew it my heart this would be a sacred journey.  I began to realize it would be a pilgrimage.

At first I was fantasizing about motor homes or pick-up trucks towing a tiny house.  But as the last day of work approached and I realized I wouldn’t have enough money for these more luxurious items, I started purchasing camping equipment.  The important thing was to go.  The important thing was to start.  I needed to show Spirit that I was willing to answer the call, no matter what.

On August 22, 2018, I began this journey.   It is already so much more profound than I expected.  There is a definitely a strong inner component to the outer journey.  And the inner journey is very rich.  (To get a brief glimpse, read https://www.cynthiagreb.com/the-peace-and-power-of-pilgrimage/ )  I will be posting updates on my blog on a regular basis.

I will use this website to keep you all informed of my anticipated itinerary so that if you or someone you know lives along the route, we can connect.  (And yes, I’d be happy to give talks–in homes, at schools, at places of worship or women’s groups, etc.)  Just know that this itinerary is always subject to change depending on resources, weather, and guidance.

NEW ITINERARY for the First Few Months (updated 10/1/18)

  • Powerful Castle Crags and sacred Mt. Shasta, CA
  • North to Ashland, Oregon
  • West on Rte. 96 along the Klamath River, through Happy Camp and Orleans (home to Native people and purported home of Bigfoot)
  • The redwoods at Humbolt and Del Norte Counties, CA
  • Crescent City, CA — Jedediah Smith Redwood Park and site of Tolowa massacre (prayer ceremony)
  • North to Bandon, OR  (prayer ceremony)
  • North along the western coast, stopping at various places to commune with the ocean
  • Sand Dunes of Oregon
  • East to Christmas Valley, OR
  • Northeast to Montana –Polson; Blackfoot, Flathead, Kootenai, and Cheyenne territory; and Billings (prayers at site of Marias River massacre)
  • South to Bear Lodge/Devil’s Tower in Wyoming  (mini retreat)
  • Possibly east to Pine Ridge Reservation and Wounded Knee (prayer ceremony)
  • Colorado Springs, CO
  • Southeast to site of Sand Creek Massacre (prayer ceremony)
  • West/Southwest to Crestone, CO
  • South to Taos and Santa Fe, NM (speak at The Celebration in Santa Fe on Nov. 11th)
  • East to Tahlequah, Oklahoma
  • East to Atlanta (Thanksgiving with family) <3

Clicking into my website is a great way to keep in touch with my journey.  I will also make posts on Facebook every three days or so.

As I travel, the reasons for this journey continue to unfold.  Right now it appears one of the main things I am being called to do is offer a lot of prayer.  I have become very sensitive to the many areas on this continent where there have been massacres of native people.  It feels very important to me that those of us with white skin acknowledge these specific atrocities and offer heartfelt prayers for the spirits of those who were killed and the hearts of those who remain.  We all suffer from these unhealed wounds of pain, anger, and grief; as well as guilt and shame.

Occasionally I will stumble upon other things that trigger the empathic part of me, like piles and piles and piles of trees at lumber yards, or tiny “calf houses” at a dairy farm .  (The day I saw the little white shelters at the dairy farm was a very, very difficult day.  Fortunately there were no calves inside them at the time. I returned to offer prayers nearby the following day.  I prayed for the calves and the cows and a change of heart among the farmers.  I prayed long.  I will be writing about this in more depth, too, you can be sure.)

After an experience like the back-to-back prayers at both the site of the enormous Tolowa massacre and the very large dairy farm, I am learning I have to restore my spirit in a place of sublime beauty or power.  I think this is something we all have to learn to allow space for.  This is a really challenging time on the planet.  We have to care for that sensitive part of ourselves which suffers from it all.

UPDATE 10/6/18

My outer pilgrimage has been temporarily halted as I’ve run out of funds.  But I am happy to settle in Montana for a while.  I have fallen in love with the land and am already developing relationships with some of the people I’ve met in just the last twelve days.

In no way do I feel like I’m abandoning the purpose of this journey.  My commitment to the inner work and the outer prayers remains strong.  When the time is right, I will take shorter sojourns to places of power or woundedness.  And if I am able and guided, I will continue on a path around the country in the future.

If you would like to be in touch with me at this time, I welcome your correspondence.  You can reach me at Cynthia Greb, PO Box 182, Arlee, Montana  59821.  And if you feel guided to donate to my journey and path, I would be very grateful.  As a thank you, I would be glad to send you some of the writing I’ve been doing as I journey.  So don’t forget to include your email address!

Big bountiful blessings to you as we each work in our way to create a better world.

Love, Cindy

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