Cultivating a Spirit of Hope

The HOPE Papers

If you are suffering from despair about the state of the world, please download The HOPE Papers.

This paper began to be take shape as I was researching and preparing for talks on the subject “Cultivating a Spirit of Hope.”  Currently it is a 10-page downloadable document listing a multitude of inspirational and really wonderful things going on in the world which help to cultivate a spirit of HOPE. I believe we absolutely need Hope in order to believe that the future we want is possible!

With each item, links are provided so that you can seek out additional information if you desire.

May The HOPE Papers lift your spirits and fortify you for the very important task of co-creating the beautiful world that we all want.  Dream big!

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Cultivating a Spirit of Hope with Cynthia Greb

A talk by Cythnia Greb