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SPEAKING, WORKSHOPS & RETREATSCynthia speaking at a podium.

PUBLIC SPEAKING with Cynthia Greb

I am one of those rare birds who enjoys public speaking.  I have given many talks over the years as well as led women’s groups, workshops, trainings, and retreats.  It is my true joy to do this!

The following are among the many subjects about which I enjoy speaking or teaching:


  • The Art and Power of Pilgrimage, or Living Your Life as a Pilgrimage
  • Living as if the Earth is Sacred
  • The Magic and the Mystery
  • Death, Dreams, and the Afterlife
  • Sacred Dreams
  • Listening to the Guiding Light of Our Inner God Self
  • Healing the Wounds of Our Earth and People
  • Embrace of the Divine Mother
  • Creating the Life You Want!
  • Finding and Living Your Purpose
  • A New Earth, A New Humanity
  • Ritual and Prayer for Healing the Earth
  • Lessons from the Heart of Brazil
To hear some of my talks, just google youtube Cynthia Greb.
Or, listen to podcasts here:
Health and Healing:
  • Self-care for the Caregiver (aka Caring for Yourself as You Care for Others)
  • Riding the Ebb and Flow of Grief: There Is No One Way to “Do” Grief
  • Transforming Our Fear of Death
  • Sensitivity Training for Nursing Home Staff
  • Journaling as a Companion for the Grieving Soul
  • How to Incorporate Easy Vegetarian Dishes into Your Family’s Diet
  • What to Do When You Get a Cancer Diagnosis
  • Learning the Lessons of Breast Cancer
Reviews and Testimonials:
  • “Your talk brought people joy and opened their hearts. And you got a standing ovation, too!” ~A.A.
  • “You really do radiate. You really radiate. All the time.”
  • “You’re a good writer; I bought your book and enjoyed it. But this is what you were meant to do.” ~K.K


As an interfaith clergyperson, I enjoy helping to co-create services and celebrations of all kinds for people of all faiths — or lack of faith, as the case may be!  I have been the officiant at both weddings and memorial services.  I especially enjoy the celebration of life which occurs at a properly planned memorial service. Done well, a memorial service provides the opportunity for the release of both grief and laughter as loving memories are shared.

Other possibilities of celebrations include:

  • Baby blessings
  • House blessings
  • Anniversary celebrations
  • Retirement or Bon Voyage celebration


Cynthia speaking at church.
Unergi Body/Mind Therapy.  I trained for two years with Ute Arnold, who is a masterful healer and teacher.  Unergi is a blend of Gestalt therapy, the Alexander technique, and the Feldenkrais technique, with occasional art therapy, dreamwork, or nature therapy thrown in the mix.  This is an extremely respectful and powerful form of therapy because it bypasses the brain and goes directly to the body and the emotions.  The client lies fully clothed and supine on a massage table.  I, as practitioner, do very gentle and respectful moving of limbs, feet, head, etc. to help the client ascertain where there is “holding,” tension, and/or discomfort.  Then a dialogue begins during which the client’s own wisdom comes forth.  We also invite the energetic presence and guidance of loved ones, guides, or angels to assist in the healing work.

For more info:


“My sessions with Cindy are funny, creative, intelligent and sensitive. Our Unergi sessions have helped me to get in touch with old issues… and to learn from them and see them from a different vantage point. I’ve had physical pain in my body at times, and when I leave I am pain-free, clear headed, and have a sense of being “newly birthed.” Cindy is one of the most capable healers with whom I’ve worked and has infinite compassion. She is also wise, creative and humble.  If you are looking for psychological and spiritual growth along with greater awareness, I highly recommend scheduling sessions with Cindy.”  ~Betsy Z., RN, LCSW

  • Spiritual counseling.  If your spirit yearns for a little support and direction, it can help to talk with someone who can suggest some tools while supporting you in your process.
  • Angel and Oracle Card Reading.  If you are seeking some direction or guidance in your life, I would be happy to consult my oracle cards for you.  These cards are simply a way for the Divine (or messengers of the Divine) to speak to us on the physical plane in ways that are easier for us to hear.  


“Cynthia’s Reading Offered Me Spot On, Laser-focused Guidance”

“Cynthia Greb’s reading and guidance was so crystal clear and specific to the issue I was having with a creative project that I’m using her emailed statement as a guidepost for my daily planning and mental, emotional, physical and spiritual focus moving forward.

Every question and concern was addressed without any guessing or general interpretation on my part.  I feel confident that when I embrace the wisdom of Cynthia’s reading, huge blocks will be moved and confidence and energy behind my work will soar!  Thank you so much, Cynthia!”

~ Ruth Anne Wood,

For any of the above services, or simply to support the work of Cynthia Greb, please know that your contribution would be greatly appreciated!

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