Time for a Spiritual Retreat

When is it time for a spiritual retreat?

  • When the world gets to be too much
  • When your soul is calling out for attention
  • When you’ve been working too hard
  • When you want to get clearer about next steps
  • When you are feeling called to a life of purpose
  • When you long for deeper communion with the Divine
  • When you need healing–physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually
  • When you feel the need for quiet and solitude
  • When you need a break from technology or politics or drama
  • When you need to find some solutions to problems or difficulties
  • When you need time for rest and reflection

I think I can safely say that, based on the above, all of us need to take time out for spiritual retreat on a regular basis.  The problem, of course, is that our culture doesn’t easily allow for this.  We are pushed to be productive, problem-solve, be responsible, achieve, etc., etc. We are expected to “DO”–which is all outward activity. However, without an occasional time-out from the regular workaday world, it is often difficult to get the clarity we need for right action.  It is absolutely imperative that we give attention to our inner world as well as our outer world.

Retreats can be as short as a day or as long as a year or more. I have been given an incredible opportunity to go on retreat (although that’s not exactly what it’s being called) for a couple of weeks.  I have several dear friends connected with a spiritual community down in Brazil.  I have heard from multiple sources that divine energy is palpably felt in this sacred place.  The energy that emanates from this particular spot on the globe is amplified by the thousands of prayers that are prayed there and songs that are sung.  Two friends have sweetly and generously given me air passage to this holy place.  I am beyond grateful.

While in Brazil, I will also visit the renowned healer called John of God.  In December I felt strongly called to go there and, lo and behold, two weeks later the above friends offered me the ticket.  I have no doubt that Spirit heard my soul’s call and responded.  The place where this healing work occurs is also a very holy place.  I have seen a documentary and I was very moved by the peace and serenity I witnessed among the people gathered there.  It is, by all accounts, a place of great heart.

What do I hope to gain from this journey, this pilgrimage?

  • A deeper connection with the Divine
  • An opportunity for sinking more deeply into my heart center
  • A respite from technology and our fast-paced world
  • The chance to live, for a time, among deeply faithful people
  • The opportunity to develop my own healing gifts
  • Greater clarity on my own life’s mission and purpose
  • Immersion in a more natural and quiet world
  • Guidance about how to support and assist humanity at this very critical time on the planet
  • Immersion in prayer and meditation
  • The opportunity to sink into the energy of two holy places

And so, the trip of a lifetime will take place in just a few days’ time.  I have been working five jobs in order to gather the resources for this trip.  I am walking in faith that everything will transpire as it is meant to because I do feel strongly called to be there and I believe Spirit is orchestrating the whole thing. That said, I confess I do not yet know where my last few hundred dollars are going to come from. There was a slight drop in my expected income and simultaneously there were a few unanticipated expenses for this trip (not to mention the brakes beginning to fail on my 22-year-old car and other concerning noises coming from the undercarriage.)

If you feel called to support me on this journey, trusting that the fruits of my visit will ripple out to many upon my return, please feel free to make a donation.  I would be enormously grateful for your support.  I will most certainly be holding you all in my heart while I am there.

I have a strong feeling that this particular journey will be life-changing. I pray that I will be meditative, reflective, kind, loving, joyful, prayerful, open, receptive, spiritually focused, and full of heart. May I open to the gifts Spirit wishes to bestow upon me. And may I radiate peace, love, and wisdom upon my return.

May you be richly blessed as you live the life you’ve been called to live.

With love and great gratitude,


Note: photo of labyrinth is courtesy of www.fraterinternacional.org