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Written Work


  • The Art of Vegetarian Cooking: Over 55 Easy Recipes to Help You Get Started, by Cynthia Greb (and friends)

Book coverThis cookbook was inspired by my brother who is new to vegetarianism.  Created for both the novice as well as those who simply want to eat better but don’t have a whole lot of time to prepare elaborate meals, this friendly book is chock full of nutritional tips and time-saving ideas.  You will also find ample suggestions for soups, salads, breakfast, lunch, side dishes, and dinner entrees. Everyone is guaranteed to find something they like.  When you get home at the end of the day tired, hungry, and cranky, this book will come in very handy.

Order The Art of Vegetarian Cooking from Createspace or  Amazon or Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M1708IP/


Stay tuned.  Now that I’ve managed to get my first book out there, more will  follow.  After years of gestating multiple projects, these babies are lining up ready to be birthed!

Coming soon:

  • Grief and Grace, by Cynthia Greb

This book is a compendium of essays and stories around the theme of grief and the unexpected moments of grace that can accompany the painful times of sorrow and exhaustion–both before and after the death of a loved one.


  • 60 Days in the Life of a Spiritual Nomad, by Cynthia Greb

This book chronicles the pilgrimage I began in late August.  It shares the insights I gained about myself and this world as I slowed down to be in deeper communion with the nature, offer prayer at the places of woundedness, and meet those of differing cultures.  It is filled with photos, tips for travelers, and references to other books, thinkers, and wise ones.  Ultimately it is about not just the outer journey, but the work we do within ourselves.


  • Walk in Beauty: Seeing Our Planet through the Eyes of Love, by Cynthia Greb

This book is a photographic essay which celebrates the glory of the natural world.  It was created at the urging of several friends who marvel at the beauty I have been blessed to witness these past several years.  Interspersed throughout are poetic snippets of spiritual encouragement.  The reader is encouraged to celebrate, be in gratitude, rest, and be at peace.  It is ideal as a gift for a friend or oneself.

When the time is right:

  • DOA: Death, Oneness, and the Afterlife, by Cynthia Greb

This book was inspired by a talk I gave in March 2016 called “Death, Dreams, and the Afterlife.” It details my experiences with the death of both parents, plus several friends, relatives, and clients over the course of just a few years. As I was processing all this death, I found that my interest in the afterlife grew tremendously. I began reading everything I could get my hands on, I collected stories from friends and acquaintances and I even met with a couple mediums for the first time ever. The result of all this is a melange of real-life experience with one of life’s greatest transitions, many mystical experiences and sacred dreams after loved ones have left this plane, and information about how death is handled in other traditions around the world.  This compelling book will, no doubt, pique your own curiosity about the age-old frontier of death and the afterlife.


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